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I’d always heard that all coffee roasting systems had to be vented and were very costly let alone having the expertise to mind the roaster so to speak. FRS eliminates all those problems plus it gives you the opportunity to put a piece of equipment in your store that is visually enhancing and totally innovative.

Customers today are very sophisticated when it comes to embracing technology. I think when they take one look at the Fresh Roast System they’ll be able to equate the freshness of the beans, the output from the roasting and the quality when they get home and I know they’ll be back.

-- Ken Silvera
President, Pacific Markets

Fresh Roast Systems has been a fabulous tool for Larry’s Markets. It enables us to roast all our blends to our customer specifications. Training the employees on it has been very easy. FRS has assisted us in all the steps. It’s really as easy as using an ATM machine and takes very little time. All of our associates are trained in all five stores and they find the system very simple.

-- Lisa Talak
Coffee Specialist, Larry’s Markets

This Fresh Roast coffee system is revolutionary and out of it comes the most extraordinary coffee. So, if you see a system called Fresh Roast, the future has arrived. They're doing an amazing job with coffee! The coffee is roasted fresh each day in stores. It's totally innovative. This roaster filters out all its own heat and smoke, and delivers cleaner air out of it than went in.

-- Narsai David
PBS and CBS Radio News Syndicated Food Editor

This computer controlled java gem, inspired by Silicon Valley technology, is the first major advance in coffee roasting in more than 100 years.

-- Jim Goldman
NBC Television News