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If it isn't Fresh Roast, what is it?

You’re running a business. It’s successful because you’re always looking for new ways to separate yourself from your competitors and serve your customers better. The Fresh Roast System gives you an incontestable advantage, with the freshest, most delicious coffees your patrons have ever tasted. Once they try it, they’ll keep coming back for more. Even better, they’ll tell all their friends. Be the first in your trade area to cash in on this growing trend.

Distinguish yourself - your profits are percolating already

When it comes to the coffee you offer, you’re only as good as your last cup. The Fresh Roast System is the world's first and only fully automated, ventless in-store coffee roaster. Fresh roasted coffee gives you a significant competitive advantage, product differentiation and the opportunity to build loyalty with existing customers while attracting new ones with something your competiton doesn't have, fresh coffee roasted right in your store! You'll sell more coffee and make more money doing it. So, catch the latest wave sweeping the coffee retailing industry. And roast your competition while you’re at it.

Higher margins - proven by operators just like you

An immense effort went into the development and testing of the Fresh Roast System, but there’s no research facility in the world as reliable as the places where it’s proving its value. With a push of a button, operators just like you are seeing their sales balloon by 300% and profits jump by leaps and bounds. The Fresh Roast System eliminates the middleman, cutting wholesale costs by up to 60% or more, while ensuring customers enjoy only the freshest-tasting coffee. The machine itself acts as a real attention-getter, and we’ll provide all the training and marketing support you need to make the most of it, including customized point-of-sale promotional materials.

The opportunity - it costs you nothing to get involved

The advantages of the Fresh Roast System are exceptional, and you’ll see a big jump in your bottom line the moment you have it installed. But one of the most remarkable aspects of the program is it doesn’t cost you a thing to get started. We developed a business model that offers you all the advantages of the system with absolutely no risk. We serve as your business partner, earning a modest share of the profits you take in from Fresh Roast system coffee you actually sold. The technology includes automated accounting, billing and preventative maintenance schedules, taking the operating burden off your shoulders. So you can concentrate on offering your own fresh-roast private label coffee with absolutely no risk whatsoever. Even better is you only pay for what you actually roast, so there's never any waste and you offer only the freshest product possible. There’s no purchase or leasing cost. No installation charge. No maintenance fees. Ever!

Get started today

Getting started with the Fresh Roast System is simple. Because of the advanced technology the system uses you really don't need to know anything about coffee roasting at all. The system will deliver your roasted coffee any way you request it every time with incredible consistency. And, because there's no capital cost or venting required, all you do is plug the machine in and you're in business. From there, it's as easy to operate as an ATM machine. You'll be amazed at the results and you’ll be roasting like a seasoned roastmaster in a matter of minutes. Talk to us about how easy it is to join the fresh roast coffee revolution.

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